Solace Counseling and Coaching


Therapy for individuals experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, grief and trauma in Houston, TX



Are you feeling as if it’s difficult to enjoy life to the fullest? Perhaps it’s hard to relax and have fun, or the pressures of work or school leave little room for anything else. You may have realized the expectations you set for yourself are unrealistic, or that you just can’t get yourself to follow through to reach your goals. You might compare your negatives with others’ positives and over commit or overwhelm yourself, leading to burnout. You might have difficulty making decisions, or have a hard time figuring out the ‘rules’ of life.

Drawing boundaries, especially when doing so feels scary, might be a challenge, leading you to give into people that guilt or intimidate you. Perhaps you place the needs of others before your own, and are left feeling resentful when your own aren’t met, or perhaps you take out frustration on the ones you love. You are not alone. 

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