Working with a graduate intern or LPC-Associate:

Graduate Interns:

There are many advantages to working with a graduate/intern counselor. Our graduate students have completed a four-year bachelor’s degree and are in the process of completing a master’s degree and the training necessary to become licensed counselors. This means that they have a strong foundation in the theoretical and practical aspects of counseling, and they are eager to apply their knowledge and skills to help clients.

Our interns are trained in the latest techniques and standards of care. In addition to their course and field work, they have sought out specific training to best be able to help the client populations they work with. In addition, graduate interns are supervised by a Licensed Professional Counselor, whom they consult with on a regular basis. The process counseling interns go through is somewhat similar to doctors completing a residency program.

Graduate interns often have more appointments available than licensed counselors, which can be a benefit for clients who need to see a counselor on a more frequent basis or outside of typical work or school hours. Graduate interns are priced more affordably than licensed counselors, which can make counseling more accessible. 

Working with an LPC Associate:

LPC-Associates are highly trained post-graduate counselors. They have completed three years of a rigorous master’s degree program, including 700 hours of counseling experience, with training on techniques, assessments, and diagnostic skills before graduation and have completed the national licensing exam, which allows them to receive an Associate license from the state and enter into the clinical supervision period. During this period, associates complete an additional 3000 hours of counseling work (much like a doctor going through residency) before receiving an unsupervised LPC license. In seeing an LPC-Associate, you receive the benefit of not just your clinician’s knowledge, experience, and expertise, but also of their supervisors as well.

Here are some additional things to consider when making the decision to start therapy with any new counselor:

  • Your needs. What are you looking for in a therapist? Does the counselor you’re interested in working with have experience with issue that you would like to work on? Do they speak to who you are and what you need?
  • The counselor’s personality. Do you feel comfortable with the counselor? Do you think they’re someone you can connect with and speak to without judgement?
  • Cost and schedule. Our interns offer a standard fee that is lower that most fully licensed counselors. Currently, our interns are seeing clients for $75-85/session.

    We also set aside a limited number of significantly reduced appointment spots for those with financial need.